7 Useful tips to survive this Super Bowl 50.

Transportation tips, timing advice, traffic apps and more recommendations you should consider.

Super Bowl 50 is coming in a week and if you’re from the Bay Area you might be thinking there are going to be some chaotic situations. Make sure you’re prepared for America’s biggest event and its city consequences like traffic problems, crowded transportation options and places (bars, restaurants, streets, stores, etc) and expensive rates. Here are some simple but useful tips that will help you:

1.  First, one way to survive this event is by simply staying at your home. You can also watch the game at home; you just don’t need to go out to encounter any chaotic situation. Make sure you have everything you got before you do that. So, do some grocery shopping first.

2.  Even if you don’t have tickets for the event, you can always go outside the stadium and support your favorite team! This is a very common thing to do, join the party, doesn’t matter if you are not a football fan, you can hear the show from outside! Yes! Coldplay, Beyonce and Bruno Mars (maybe Rihanna) for free! Have fun with your family or friends in the crowd.

3.  If you need to go to work, do some shopping or any business you can find alternative routes before from your main point to your destination. You can use Google maps or the famous app Waze to get through this.

4.  If your friends invite you to watch the game at a bar and don’t want to go because of how crowded it will be, simply tell them that you’re sick or that you have some important errands to do. Of course, they probably won’t believe the latter because, who has errands to do on Superbowl Sunday? But I’m sure you’ll manage.

5.  Do you want to go out but not to drive? You can take a stress-free ride asking for a private transportation service like ShuttleWizard, the famous Uber or Lyft. You just need to make your reservation with anticipation (hours or even days of anticipation) depending on your plans, distance and location. If you are about to travel that day and need to arrive early to the airport be sure to be prepared everything and be on time.

6.  Get traffic alerts. You can receive comments, advice and routes from other people using traffic Apps from your smartphone. Also, checking comments at your social media (tweets and facebook posts) can be fruitful.

7.  If you live or own a business near the Stadium, you have two choices: secure your house, apartment or local (to keep people away). Or you can make some extra bugs by selling crafts & food, renting a room or your parking lot for this day, you’ll be surprised of how much money you made after the event.

Whether you’re a football fan or not, you can’t deny how huge of an event is the Super Bowl. So huge, that it’s hard to do anything outside because of how cramped every place will be. But that just proves how huge of an impact the Super Bowl has made to America, if you love football, you probably won’t mind very much everything else that has been mentioned. If you’re not, that’s alright, you can still find ways to enjoy the event whether it’s with your family or with your friends, or at least, you know, survive it.

You can find more details and specific information about this event here.

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Travel Experts Find Airfare Hack to Save 20% or More on Flights


The Travel Expert team at ShuttleWizard.com has found an airfare hack that can save passengers 20% or more on flights (in our case 29%). The process is quite simple, anyone can do it, and it just requires time and some polishing of your airfare searching skills.

Why It Works: Airlines have complicated pricing algorithms that take into account dozens of variables to update their pricing on a daily basis. Most importantly, many airlines compare their pricing to the competition and adjust pricing accordingly. This opens the possibility for arbitrage scenarios where travelers can book a cheap rate for a competitive route that makes a stopover at your (actual) destination city. This fare can be lower than booking directly to your (actual) destination city.

We picked East Asia because this is home to one of the most competitive markets in the world. There are plenty of airlines competing for the same trans-pacific routes from major hubs in the States to capital cities in Asia. This mixture is great for travelers looking to find deals to travel to Asia. Here, we teach you how.

How To Do It: Lets go to Taipei. I picked December 1st, 2015 to try out this technique.  We will be searching for the cheapest one-way flight to Taipei following these simple steps:

  1. Go to Google Flights and enter your preferred travel destination. In this case, we want to go from LAX and to Taipei (TPE).  

  1. Look at the search results. The most affordable flight is with China Airlines for $561.00 USD.


  1. Redo the original search and replace the destination airport with different airport hubs in that region of the world. In this case, we tried Hong Kong (HKG), Tokyo (NRT), Seoul (ICN), and Shanghai (PVG). Check out this list to see all airport hubs around the world. http://bit.ly/1JCaq0s.
    1. KEY: Under “More Options”, select your real destination city as the connecting airport (in our case Taipei), and complete the search.


4. In this case, Hong Kong showed up as the cheapest flight option with a stopover in Taipei. It will cost us $398.00 USD to fly LAX-TPE-HKG versus $561.00 USD for flying LAX directly to Taipei. That’s 29% cheaper. Huge savings!!


The Execution: During your travel day, please make sure you tell the check-in attendant that you only want to check-in your flight and luggage to Taipei – otherwise your luggage will end up in Hong Kong!! I’ve personally done this twice, once in Frankfurt and once in Jakarta, and I was prepared to give explanations and come up with a story but both times the check-in attendants just smiled and didn’t ask anything.

About the Author:

Alex Saad is the Founder and CEO of ShuttleWizard.com. He hopes to use his travel expertise to find cheaper airport transportation deals for fellow travelers. ShuttleWizard.com is an airport transportation search engine and reservations platform.



News to all our costumers


We have a great year, so far, and we want to thank all our costumers for the opportunity of serve them, we had launched a couple of promo codes with no expiration, so you can save money in your next ride.

Thank You to all off you




Best Food Trucks in Austin TX

Best Food Trucks in AustinWe shared our favorite food trucks in San Diego and it was a well received blog post, so this time we have another city we love, Austin.

Austin’s been a great place for creatives in all disciplines, and foodies are definitely shining. These food trucks are owned by people that love what they do, they love food and want their customers to have a great experience.

All photos belong to their respective business. You can go to their websites by clicking on their photos.

Best Food Trucks in AustinCow Tipping Creamery
Ice cream makes everything better, and under the hot summer vibes of Austin, going to CTC is always a great idea.
Cow Tipping Creamery is a family business, they use fresh ingredients and even handmade waffle cones. This is not normal ice cream, these guys can get really creative with their flavors and they have many, so you can always try something new.
MUST TRY: Nuttin’ but Good (vanilla soft serve, chocolate pretzels, Nutella sauce, candied peanuts, homemade whip cream)

Best Food Trucks in AustinLittle Lucy
Their menu is easy: Mini-donuts
Little Lucy owner’s favorite treat since he was a young boy were mini donuts, and as an adult opened this business sharing his favorite treat with many loyal customers.

Best Food Trucks in AustinVia313 Pizzeria
This is a business opened in 2011 by the brothers Hunt. They serve Austin genuine square shaped, upside down-red top Detroit style pizza.
1. The Detroiter (cheese, double pepperoni [smoked and natural casing])
2. The Cadillac (gorgonzola cheese, fig preserves, shaved prosciutto, shaved Parmesan, balsamic glaze)
*you can order gluten and/or dairy free pizzas too!

Best Food Trucks in AustinThe Peached Tortilla
TPT was born in 2010 and has been roaming around Austin serving Asian and Southern inspired tacos and sliders.
These guys say: “we live to eat, not eat to live”. They want their customers to have a dining experience with a focus on ambiance, quality service and great tasting food.
1. Pad Thai tacos
2. Chinese BBQ Tofu

Best Food Trucks in AustinLucky’s Puccias
These guys offer authentic wood fired Italian sandwiches, known as the puccia. Their recipes have been passed down generations and they bake with a traditional wood fired oven.
MUST TRY: Lucky’s (prosciutto, tomato, mozzarella, arugula, chipotle aioli)

Best Food Trucks in AustinGourdough’s 
Now if what you’re looking for is a crazy combination of flavors, trying something unusual and sweet, then you should check out Gourdough’s donuts.
These guys don’t have a normal food truck, they went straight for a vintage Airstream; and with names like : Fat Elvis, Blue Balls, and Funky Monkey, you know you’ll be a fan.
1. Black Out (brownie batter, fudge icing, chocolate covered brownie bites)
2. Son Of A Peach (peach filling, cinnamon, sugar and cake mix topping)

There you go, if you’re new to Austin or are planning a trip, you have to check out these original food trucks, all of them strive for great customer service and delicious food made with fresh ingredients

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Best Food Trucks in Austin

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How To Go From Camping To Glamping Without Breaking The Bank

How to go from camping to glamping without breaking the bank

If just the thought of going camping, having to eat not-too-nice-looking food, and spending the night inside an uncomfortable sleeping bag scares you; then glamping might just be what you need. Here we’ll tell you how to go from camping to glamping without breaking the bank. You still get to enjoy the outdoors and all that nature has to offer, but without feeling deprived or uncomfortable. You can rent a fancy tent, a very modern tree house or just bring your own stuff to create a comfortable and pretty environment, in this post we cover what you need to do it all yourself instead of renting a place.

Let’s face it, there are many places you can book to glamp and they are incredible pretty, but you can achieve the same sensation by doing it all yourself. You get to be in charge of food, decor, how close you want to be to nature… it’s all up to you!

Just like you would for camping, do your research, pick a nice place and don’t forget to check if you’re allowed to light a fire or use a stove or grill.

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Choose your dream location.
  2. Plan your route.
  3. start planing what you’ll take with you to create a really comfortable and save glamping experience.

You can get a big tent, there are pretty cool ones that feel safe, protect you from mosquitoes and other creatures. Depending on your budget you can get more or less fancy.

Think of what you can prepare before getting out of the house, that will survive til you get to your destination.
Don’t forget you can bring sweet yummy cupcakes, donuts, and even cake. Take a pretty cake stand with you, and a foldable table.

Basically, think of what things you would miss if you where camping.
Take pretty paper straws and cups, patterned plates and even candles. A nice and comfy blanket is  a must, and what about battery operated fairy lights to create a nice atmosphere?

If you need some inspiration we have some great items we picked, check them out and search around Pinterest to gather ideas and start planning your next glamping trip.

How to go from camping to glamping without breaking the bankSalad Servers, Beverage Dispenser via Terrain

How to go from camping to glamping without breaking the bankVintage Glass Bottles via Third Shift

How to go from camping to glamping without breaking the bankWashable Paper Baskets (circles, lines) via Two Mystery Box

How to go from camping to glamping without breaking the bankGunmetal Lantern, Flame Effect Candle via Terrain

How to go from camping to glamping without breaking the bankGrill, blanket, patio pillow via Modcloth

How to go from camping to glamping without breaking the bankGlass bottles & paper straws via Just Jars Australia

Do you need more inspiration?
You don’t have to sit on the ground, take pretty foldable chairs and pillows.
*Don’t take plastic plates and cups, they are bad for the environment and not very pretty. *Get paper cups and plates instead.
*Instead of a sleeping bag take a cushy mattress pad or foldable bed, one of those hammocks that com with stands,  get creative!
*Bring cake stands and tree stumps to create a Pinterest worthy place for your food and drinks.
*Bring your laptop and tablets with extra juice boxes to charge them as you watch your favorite movies.
*Bring fun board and card games.
*Don’t forget the lighting. Fake or real candles, battery operated fairy lights, lanterns, etc.
*Pillows and think blankets will make you feel really safe and comfortable, bring them all.
*Placemats, little vases and jars can add that extra touch.

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How to go from camping to glamping without breaking the bank


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How To Travel With Kids And Survive

Traveling with kids can be stressful, but if you dedicate time to plan, get the family involved, and consider all the things that could go wrong as well as all the fun activities and places to visit, you’ll have an amazing trip and great new memories.

Planning is the most important thing, and you want to get the kids involved.
You will decide where to go, where to stay and all the behind the scenes details, but getting the kids involved in the process will make them feel like they are being considered in the decision making, and that they are actually choosing where to go and this will make for happier and better behaved children.
Since the children are deciding what games to play, what snacks to eat and what places to go, it’s less likely that they will get bored or start a tantrum.

How To Travel With Kids And Survive

Do your research. Many places accept children but others don’t, so be prepared and ask about it if the information is not 100% clear on their website.

If you’re camping, double check if you have all the things you need, including emergency kits, and make sure you read what you are allowed to do in the area. If any type of fire is prohibited and/or you are not allowed to have a stove take enough lamps, pre-cooked meals, snacks, and charged devices to watch some movies or read.


  1. Give them choices of places or activities you already researched, and ask them to pick out of a list. You need to be ok with all the items listed, and you can give them the pros and cons of each option.
  2. They can pack their own bags. You can do this a couple of days prior to the big day. Make it feel like a game, you can let them know what they need and let them pick their clothes and small toys. Give them a backpack and let them pack their own things.
  3. List the car games that you know your kids like, and that won’t drive you crazy if they want to play for hours, and out of those ask the kids to pick their favorites.
  4. Think of healthy snacks and not so healthy ones, make a deal with the kids and come up with a balanced selection of snacks for the road.


  1. Bring a car emergency kit and tools
  2. Take antibacterial wet wipes and sprays
  3. Your kids favorite pillow or toy! If you know your kid needs something to be able to sleep, this is not the time to make her/him get over it. Just bring it with you, avoid the drama and enjoy the trip.
  4. Plan for the unexpected.

How to Travel With Kids And SurviveAfter you plan the whole trip, take care of payments, and all the little details, list the things that could go wrong. Just go point by point: places you’ll visit, the games you’ll play in the car, the activities, and places you’ll go, all the stops you want to make… what can go wrong?

This will help you realize that you may need extra changes of clothes, an extra pair of shoes or extra batteries and chargers. What if you arrive to the hotel and they tell you they never got your reservation and that they are fully booked!? What’s your plan B?

Remember that you need to plan and be prepared but also be flexible.How To Travel With Kids And SurviveWHAT TO DO WITH BORED KIDS?
If you see your kids are getting bored, even though they are playing with the toys the wanted, and they are eating the snacks they chose:

  1. just get out of the car, find a place for them to stretch their legs
  2. find a place to get ice cream or just get out and let them take a photos
  3. stop at a local toy store and let each kid pick one toy, something that will keep them entertained for a few more hours.

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How To Travel With Kids And Survive

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How To Find Your Ideal Reader

How To Find Your Ideal Reader

Finding who your ideal reader is can make blogging so much easier. You’d know exactly what topics would be best to cover and what ideas are worth trying.

There are a lot of articles out there to help you find your ideal reader but, they make it sound so complicated that bloggers end up giving up before finishing the process and never find out who their ideal reader is.

Here’s the really easy way to find how your IR looks like, what he or she wants and what she or he needs from you.

The first thing you need to be sure about, is what is your blog purpose. If you don’t know it yet, head over to THIS blog post where we show you step by step how to find out what your blog purpose is.

You now know what you want to blog about and you need to know exactly who you’re blogging for:
1. What kind of readers want to read what you want t write
2. What kind of readers do you need to attract to then convert into buyers
3. Who will benefit from what you have to share

You need to think about all the aspects, likes and dislikes, gender, industry they work and/or want to work in, age, what does this reader have in common with you? why does this person need to know about your blog?

The process:
How To Find Your Ideal Reader
You’ll feel like you’re just making things up, but you’re not. You need to think like your ideal reader thinks, you need to see what s/he sees.
If you’re not sure how to think like your ideal reader, just google things up. Start with what you know and then do a little research, see what the followers of blogs you like are doing, where do they hang out, what other blogs do they read?, etc.

With your blog purpose in mind, think of what your ideal reader will answer the following:

  1. Gender:
  2. Age:
  3. Preferred hair color and style:
  4. Fashion style:
  5. Tattoos, piercings, complete lack of them, any special body art?
  6. Marital Status(include pets and children):
  7. Country:
  8. Healthy habits:
  9. Diet (vegetarian, vegan, meat eater, gluten intolerant, etc):
  10. Fear triggers:
  11. Current stressful situations/topics:
  12. Creative talents:
  13. Occupation:
  14. Income:
  15. Hobbies:
  16. Favorite Tv shows:
  17. Favorite books:
  18. Favorite magazines:
  19. Traditional books or e-readers?
  20. Favorite home decor style:
  21. Favorite packaging/graphic design styles:
  22. Favorite brands:
  23. Favorite youtubers:
  24. Favorite bloggers:

If you are selling a product, or offering a service you can be even more specific:

  1. Is s/he looking for a solution to_______
  2. Will her/his income allow her/him to buy what you offer?
  3. Is your service or product designed with her/his taste in mind?
  4. Will you be over-delivering?
  5. Is your service or product going to provide a whole experience, from buying the item-customer service-packaging design to delivery?

After doing this, you now have a pretty clear image of your ideal reader, how he or she likes to dress, how his/her hair looks like, how many pets and children s/he has… etc.

You now know what your reader wants from you, and you know what you want from them. Your blog purpose will tell you if your current readers are your ideal readers or if you need to change things up so your ideal readers can find you.

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How To Find Your Ideal Reader


Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Guide

Fathers Day Gift GuideFather’s day is almost here, and we prepared a father’s day gift guide in case you still need some last minute inspiration and ideas. We picked cool items for different kind of dads and styles, so you’ll find something perfect that your father will love if his life passion is beer, stylish hipster things or if he’s a really hard core video gamer guy.

Fathers Day Gift Guide1. Wood watch -DOVER SERIES Koa & Black by Wood Watches
2. The Chillsner by Corkcicle
3. Wild Man Beard Cream Sampler Set by Wild Rose Herbs
4. The Beer Peen Hammer by Good Beer Hunting
5. Father’s Day Wallet Package -Leather Wallet by MrLentz
6. Geek & Gamer Gear subscription box by Loot Crate

Some of those shops are offering special discount and promo codes for father’s day, so don’t forget to look for them!

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121 Blog Post Ideas

121 Blog Post IdeasComing up ideas for blog posts can sometimes be hard, specially if you’re tired or just feeling uninspired. We know how frustrating it can be, wanting to write and not knowing what to write about, so we made a pretty rad list for you, with 121 free blog post ideas.

  1. Favorite ________ looks.
  2. Throw back: ________
  3. Share a DIY
  4. Share one or a few favorite recipes
  5. Share something fun like an embarrassing moment
  6. Share your current workout routine
  7. Fave people to follow on instagram
  8. Fave people to follow on twitter
  9. Your fave podcasts
  10. Photos or a fun thing your pet did
  11. A photo an hour. Take a photo each hour and share them all in one blog post.
  12. What you’ve learned from  ________
  13. What you wish you knew when you first started blogging.
  14. A  ________ playlist
  15. What’s in my bag
  16. Outfit of the day
  17. What I wore to ________
  18. Talk about the book you’re currently reading
  19. List your favorite TV shows
  20. Talk about the last movies you saw
  21. Best ________ movies
  22. Best ________ songs
  23. Share a list of resources (for bloggers, DIYs, Etsy, travel, etc.)
  24. Review a shop or item
  25. Share a home tour
  26. Talk about what your friends or family think of your blog
  27. Share your biggest pet peeves
  28. Talk about one thing you thought you could not do, but you finally did
  29. Small or simple things that make you happy
  30. Do you have a quirky tradition? Talk about it!
  31. Best 10 songs to listen to when ________
  32. List your favorite childhood movies or cartoons
  33. Talk about your first car
  34. Do you have tattoos? Share your experience or the meaning behind them.
  35. Share your travel bucket list
  36. Share a behind the scenes of your shop, blog, business, etc.
  37. Dream destination?
  38. Share your birthday goals
  39. List your goals for the month
  40. Shopping guide
  41. Host a Q&A
  42. Share a Before & After
  43. My week in photos
  44. Favorite links of the week. Share your favorite articles, videos, songs, etc., that you found on the web.
  45. Are you taking a class? (fitness, arts & crafts, language, etc.) Talk about it,
  46. Offer a free printable
  47. Interview somebody
  48. 5 Tips for  ________
  49. Home decor advice
  50. Your process for creating  ________
  51. Tips to get organized
  52. Host a giveaway
  53. Share your current fashion wish list
  54. The ultimate guide to  ________
  55. Share us your current favorites (music, movies, TV shows, etc.)
  56. List your favorite youtubers
  57. List your favorite apps
  58. Share your fave tutorials made by somebody else
  59. Share your hobbies
  60. Share your current makeup faves
  61. Talk about people who inspires you
  62. Blog about your Pinterest boards
  63. Do you collect something? Share your collection.
  64. Blog a makeup tutorial
  65. Do a 30 before 30 post
  66. Share your monthly favorites
  67. Blog a monthly haul
  68. Share something unexpected and fun that happened to you
  69. Tips to stay motivated
  70. Share your fave Disney movies and characters
  71. Share your tips on saving money
  72. Do you speak more than one language? Blog about it!
  73. What’s in your makeup bag?
  74. Share your travel essentials?
  75. List your biggest fears?
  76. Write about friendship, what it means to you and maybe share a sweet story
  77. List 10 things you can’t live without
  78. Your fave personal quotes
  79. Your fave famous quotes
  80. Facts about you
  81. Do THIS not THAT (about: design, writing, cooking, fitness, etc.)
  82. Take photos of items with your favorite color and share them all in a blog post.
  83. Share your Pinterest fails. Recipes and DIYs fails.
  84. Share your best tips for new bloggers.
  85. Make fun gifs of you and your pet
  86. Share your style icons
  87. Share a buyer’s remorse story
  88. Share photos of your desk or work area
  89. Share your favorite bloggers y category
  90. List your favorite places in your city
  91. Where were you 5 years ago?
  92. Where do you want to be in 5 years?
  93. If you could only listen to one
  94. Vlog your day!
  95. Any crazy fashion trends you want to try?
  96. A day in the life… of your pet
  97. Your skincare routine
  98. Your morning routine
  99. Your fave comfort food recipes
  100. Gardening tips
  101. Where have you always wanted to travel to
  102. The best piece of advice you’ve been given
  103. Things that are currently inspiring you
  104. If you had to wear only one outfit, what would it be
  105. Crazy things your child or pet have tried to eat
  106. The best vacation you’ve had
  107. Your best experience with an Etsy seller
  108. The weirdest experience with ebay seller
  109. Things you could buy at the local store but prefer to get on Amazon
  110. Extreme things you want to try, like bungee jumping, parachuting, etc.
  111. The one thing you want to learn (playing an instrument, knitting, tattooing, drawing, etc.)
  112. Reasons why having a pet makes you happier
  113. What is growing in your garden
  114. Decor tips for small rooms
  115. How to decorate a rental
  116. The inspiration behind your style (fashion and/or home decor)
  117. What’s your ringtone… and why
  118. What’s the best thing a reader has shared with you
  119. Share your shoe collection
  120. When everything fails  ________
  121. Describe what the perfect day-in looks like

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121 Blog Post Ideas

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Defining your blog purpose

Whether you’re looking to re-brand your blog or you’re just starting to blog for the first time, defining what your blog purpose is, is one of the most important things you need to do, to have a blog that is aligned with what you really want to share with the world.

Knowing your blog purpose will also make your blogging life easier, you’ll know what not to blog about, which topics are better and what are the ideas worth trying.

For some bloggers it comes natural, they know what they like reading in other blogs and they know what they want to share in theirs; others find it extremely hard because they have many interests, they are multi-passionate creatives that can’t imagine creating a blog about one specific thing… both ways are ok.

If you’re a multi-passionate creative, you’ve probably been told you need to chose a niche and stick to it, all the big bloggers do it and that’s the key to success. Well let me tell you that’s not always true, in fact that may be the thing that keeps you from starting or improving your blog.

What you need to do, as a multi-passionate creative is take all the topics you want to include in your blog, and narrow them down to a few ones you know you won’t get bored after creating content about them all the time.

Defining your blog purpose img2

1.- Write a list of all the ideas that you really love, all those topics you would like to develop and share with your readers.
This is similar to the first part of the editorial calendar process. Don’t think about the hows and whens, this is a process to discover what you really want to write about, and create content for, you are not committing to anything yet.

What goes here? all the things you’re passionate about, favorite things and interests, places you’ve been, tips for travelers or crafters?, music, food, etc.

All the things you enjoy and feel like sharing, write them all down.
Find a comfy place in your home or go to a coffee shop or the park, and start writing. If you have a difficult work schedule, you can work on your list during your lunch breaks at the office.

2.- Now it’s time to see which topics make the final cut.
At this point you will see that maybe you like very much how other bloggers share DIYS, maybe you’re really into DIYS, but at the end of the day you
know you don’t want to blog about DIYs.

You don’t have to write about all the things you love, not all hobbies make for great blog post ideas or features.

3.-Now that you have a list with fewer topics, you’ll see that some of them fit into categories or themes.
How many of those topics fit under FOOD, DESIGN, PHOTOGRAPHY, etc…

Now list those categories, and you’ll see that some are categories and others are features.

Another thing you need to do is think about what your blog is NOT about. What will be the things and events that can be shared and what things will always be kept offline.

This exercise will allow you to see that even though you’re a multi-passionate creative, you don’t necessarily want to blog about all of them.

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Defining your blog purpose

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