Best Food Trucks in San Diego

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San Diego is know for it’s great weather, nice people with easy going attitude and amazing food. We love trying new places and food so if you’re like us, all these food trucks should be on your to-eat bucket list.
These food trucks serve great food and have a pretty original truck, combine that with great customer service and you have a great experience.

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Best Food Trucks in San Diego

Sweet Treats Truck
Sweet Treats is a family owned business that is dedicated to serving the community of San Diego since 2008., they strive to go the extra mile in service, treat others how they would want to be treated, and they even donate a percentage of their profits back to the community.
The mission of Sweet Treats is to bring smiles to people’s faces, one treat at a time!

Best Food Trucks in San Diego

Mastiff Sausage Company
Eric Gallerstein (co-founder  and chef) and Jacob Bartlett (co-founder and manager) provide San Diego with food that is made from quality locally-sourced ingredients, affordable, and most importantly, delicious.

These two friends have amazing skills in customer service , and great work ethics, not only that but Eric’s a chef and Jacob has a degree in cinema, how cool is that!

Best Food Trucks in San Diego

God Save The Cuisine
GSTC offers a unique service where you not only receive a taste of Britain but also an experience for your other senses.
“You will get the smell of Britain, with finely cooked British foods. A glimpse of London with our red bus, a traditional English phone box and a British Guardsman.”

You’re in for a true British experience, with UK music and authentic English accents.

​​​​​​​​​​​They opened their Food Truck to meet the great people of San Diego and to help them eat well. That’s why they create exciting British influenced food from as much local and organic produce as possible.

Best Food Trucks in San DiegoGreenGo Inc.
Who We Are
Chef Gaston Corbala is the Founder of ElGreenGo Inc., the company responsible for the GreenGo Grilled Cheese Truck.

“Our goal is simple- take pride in what we make. And what is that? – a funky, unique and very delicious American Classic- The Grilled Cheese”

They take pride in bringing you the finest quality products, working together with local and organic companies whenever possible.

Best Food Trucks in San Diego

Joes on the nose
They have amazing coffee and a great sense of humor, just check out their “great moments in coffee’s history” fun photos.
Their menu is pretty original, you’ll find drinks like:
Aloha Latte, Frozen gromlet, the Jorge and the flaming chocolate.

“From Orange Organic Coffee Trucks to Beautiful Organic Espresso Bars, from Farmers’ Markets to Corporate Catering to Unicorns, we want to hug each and every one of you. In a non-creepy way, that is.”

Best Food Trucks in San Diego

These guys are all over SD and people love them.
They have a delicious menu, as they say it “Food so Good, It’s Bad”

Best Food Trucks in San DiegoGreen Truck
Serving you fresh, organic food isn’t enough, Green Truck believes that a healthy environment is essential to healthy living, their mission is healing our planet one meal at a time.
Here are just a few ways Green Truck is helping make our planet a happier and healthier place:
-The vegetable oil they use in cooking their food is used to power the food trucks the next day.
-Their commissary kitchen is solar-powered.
-Saying NO to plastic and styrofoam. All their packaging and utensils are either recyclable or compostable.

Best Food Trucks in San Diego

Not So Fast!
Bob Montgomery owns and operates Not So Fast!
Everything served at Not So Fast! from the sauces to the patties are made from scratch with all locally sourced and carefully selected products.
Bob’s always in the kitchen trying to come up with great new ideas to serve on the truck. He’s made a promise to himself and customers to offer healthy, wholesome food to the masses for great prices.
These guys have more than 23k followers on social media, that many people can’t be wrong!


Did we miss your favorite food trucks?
Let us know, we’d love to check them out and report back.


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  1. These food trucks look amazing, especially the Green Truck. I’m all about healthy and organic eating. Do you know if any of these trucks cater?

  2. Frei

    Having your own truck and making profit out of it is a good thing to do. Turning it into a restaurant or a coffee shop is one of the great ideas that will give you boost on your business.

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