Searching and Booking

  • What advantages do I find by booking via ShuttleWizard.com?

    We guarantee the best customer service in the industry. You will have a dedicated customer service representative that will confirm your booking, alert you of any changes, check to make sure you made it to the airport, and pamper you all around. Most of our customers decide to come back and book with us again because they like the personal touch we bring to booking airport shuttles. You are dealing with a live human being and we advise you as to what are the best options for your city and the best pickup times to avoid traffic and make it to your destination on time.

  • How many luggages can I bring?

    For most shuttle providers, the standard two luggages per passenger plus one carry on is the standard rule. For private cars, options vary depending on the vendor and all the details can be found on your confirmation page.

  • Can I complete a reservation as a guest?

    You absolutely can. We do not require you to enter any contact information other than an email for confirmation purposes. We will hold your contact information to the highest standards and we will not share it with anyone. Period. Most of our customers register with our website to access our 24/7 reservation review and cancellation options. You can also contact one of our customer service agents to make any reservations changes.

  • Can I make special requests?

    We are here to provide you with the highest customer service. Please call/email one of our customer service agents for any special requests.

  • How do I make changes to my reservation?

    For security purposes, we only allow changes to your reservation via phone. Please call our customer service agents to make any changes. They are happily waiting to hear from you. Please make sure you contact us at least 24 hours prior to using our services. We strive to provide the best customer service and just ask you for time to make the necessary adjustments.

  • When I arrive at the airport, how do I contact my schedule/private car service?

    Depending on the service provider, follow the instructions on your confirmation sheet. Most of our providers have receptions areas were you can go and talk to a service agent. For private car, we will provide you with a name and phone number in advance.

  • My flight changed times. Who should I notify?

    We already took care of it. We have staff that monitors flight changes on a constant basis. We asked for your flight information for a good reason, we have been working in this industry for so long that we are accustomed to seeing flight changes all the time. All you need to do is sit back and relax. You will hear back from one of our agents about adjusting your pickup/dropoff schedule

  • How can I cancel my reservation?

    Just go to our website and login. Under “Manage Reservations” you will find an option to cancel reservations. We will refund your money and notify our vendor. We only ask you to please inform us at least 24 hours in advance. If you forget to cancel your reservation we will be forced to still charge your credit card.

Can't find the information you are looking for? Email wecare@shuttlewizard.com